Size Guide | Tightology


Our tights come in two sizes: Small/Medium and Medium/Large. Our sizing is quite generous and specified in cm and kg. Important you convert your measures to properly understand your weight and height in kg and cm. Sizing guide is stated under the description of each product.

Typically Size: M/L fits height 165cm/170cm up to 185cm, weight 60kg – 80/90kg. 

S/M fits height 150/160cm – 165/170cm, weight 50/55kg – 65kg.

Please note: It is very important customers understand and adhere to the sizing. All tights go to a certain weight and height. If the customers are too large for the sizing specified, tears and holes will appear almost immediately under extra pressure. Please note sizing on the product description.

Why do different tights look much longer or shorter than other ones?
They are all made of different fibres and the % of nylon and viscose varies on each style.
All our tights have been tested and the sizing is correct. Please note sizing under each product.

 Why don’t we offer larger sizes?
We are unable to knit larger sizes due to manufacturing limitations.


Our ladies socks come in one size fits ladies 8-11. Some fashion socks are free size.
Our unisex come socks in Medium 8-11 Women, 6-10 Men. Large 11-14 Women, 10-13 Men.

Please note, our long socks stay up differently depending on size and shape of your calves.


Ask us: If you are unsure of your size and need some guidance please contact us at [email protected]