Thank you for purchasing Tightology.

  • Our tights are delicate items. Please refrain from pulling them out of the packaging and be gentle when touching them.
  • Wash only as instructed. We recommend using a mild wool conditioner for all your woolen items.
  • Toes and heels wear down quicker due to friction with the shoes. This varies in different people.
  • Please note and adhere to the sizing guide. Gently pull your tights to avoid creating holes and tearing.
  • All our products have been manufactured using the best fibres. Some of these fibres are delicate and require special care and treatment.
  • Pilling occurs when the fibres in a fabric or garment rub together, causing them to break o and accumulate in small piles. This is not a fault of the quality of the garment. Use a fabric softener to reduce static and prevent pilling.
Are your tights One Size?

Please note sizing on the product description. It is very important customers understand and adhere to the sizing. All tights go to a certain weight and height. If the customers are too large for the sizing specified, tears and holes will appear almost immediately under extra pressure.

Why do different tights look much longer or shorter than other ones?

They are all made of different fibres and the % of nylon and viscose varies on each style.
All our tights have been tested and the sizing is correct.

A hole appeared when I put them on…

Almost certainly they have been pulled too hard or are too small for them. Our tights get quality controlled it is very rare that we would miss a hole or a fault.

Where are your products made?

Australia and Italy. Both manufacturers are very transparent and run ethical practices.

The actual colour does not match the product image?

We try the best we can to match the colour of the images featured on our webshop to the actual product. However, different screens will show the product colour differently and colour conversions will cause for the colour to be slightly different to the actual product.